How to get rid of the stains?

How to get rid of the stains?

The speed is the secret of the stain removal. The quicker you act , the more likely you are to remove it.

When treating stains use a concealed hem to first check that the treatment won’t affect the garment’s colour. 

If you leave the garment to soak in water for a few hours dried-in satins will soften. You can also add a little glycerine to 

dissolve the dirt. After that you can wash the garment using your normal detergent.


CHOCOLATE Rub the stain with soft soap, then wash normal.


RED WINE Pour salt over the stain and leave it for a while to absorb the wine. Soak in cold water and then wash as normal.


BLOOD Soak immediately in cold water. Then rub a little soft soap onto the fresh stain and wash as normal.


CHEWING GUM Place the garment in the freezer, then break the chewing gum off once it has frozen.


INK Rinse thoroughly under running water. Treat with liquid detergent and rinse once more. If the stain remains, thereat it with a solution of equal parts lemon juice and household ammonia.


GRASS Green grass stains can be treated with soft soap. Rub the stain with the soap and leave for an hour or so, then wash as normal.



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